The ICN MSc in International Business Development students are proud to announce the creation of the official association « Super Mind Me »! This association has two main goals: first of all, promoting the MSc program during all the different fairs and several events; and secondly, creating some new events, in particular, a meeting with « Le club des exportateurs ». It will be the occasion to have an overview of the world of work.

The ICN MSc in International Business Development is enrolled in a worldwide spirit. The promotion is constituted by French students but also foreigner students. All the classes are provided in English with international teachers. This diversity permits to create a suitable atmosphere in order to develop the skills and knowledge of students in a worldwide context.

The MSc has a partnership with the Chamber of Commerce of the Luxembourg. In this optic, some classes are provided in Luxembourg. Furthermore, some visits are organized. For example, on Wednesday, November 5th, the ICN MSc in International Business Development 1 has visited the company Saint-Gobain in Pont-à-Mousson and during the second semester, a visit of the European Parliament, the court of Justice and the court of Auditors are planned.
Always in this optic of International Development, a seminar in an emergent country is organized during the second year of the MSc. Last year, it took place in Dakar, in Senegal; and this year, students will fly to Mexico. During this seminar, a lot of different activities are planned: visit of the country, understanding the economy of Mexico, conferences … In addition to this seminar, students have to spend one semester abroad for an Academic Semester. The ICN MSc in International Business Development offers the possibility to students to go to China, in the Sichuan Agricultural University, and since this year, in FACAMP in Brazil.

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